May 2021: Throwback box

This month's box is a throwback box, which means you can choose from not one, not two, but all THIRTY-TWO of our past titles! Click on the button below for our full list of titles—complete with our review of each and every book—or keep scrolling to read about this month's featured artists.

We were delighted to work with Sis Got Tea (whom you might remember from our December 2020 box) again, this time to create a custom New Suns tea blend! Each box comes with a 4oz resealable bag of Golden Hour tea. More gifts to be announced—stay tuned!

Sis Got Tea

Featured Business

Sis Got Tea is a Black-, LGBTQ+-, woman-owned tea shop/cafe. Sis Got Tea offers a variety of teas online and is currently working to open a physical space that will serve as a cafe, event space, and sober, LGBTQ+ community gathering establishment in the city of Louisville, KY—the first of its kind.

Sis Got Tea is currently raising funds for a physical location. Support them by purchasing tea through their online store or donating directly to their GoFundMe (links below)!

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